13th CCA President’s Message and Year-End Address 2017

Dear 13th COSCOM Association Members,

It was another banner year for your COSCOM Association (CCA).  Membership remains strong and on the increase.  Corporate membership is at an all-time high and continues to grow due to the effort of the board members and most significantly by the work of your Community Chairman, Mr. Jay TaggartIn 2018, the CCA is establishing a “Sustainer Membership” that will parallel the Corporate Member program but is designed to allow for members and contributors “at-large” to monetarily support the organization.  All sponsorship requirements remain the same and we will have the website active for Corporate and Sustainer Membership in the near future.

In the past year, the Association maintained its constitution with respect to the by-laws and CCA mission.  Your CCA continued to support the ESC and its Soldiers.  In May, the CCA monetarily supported the Sustainer Ball. We made an annual contribution to the Ft. Hood Purple Heart Foundation Chapter.  We sponsored the annual turkey “safety” event for Thanksgiving.  A great event this year as the ESC tied the event and the “turkey give-away” with the first annual Turkey Bowl which pitted the Enlisted and NCO Corps’ against the Officer Corps with the officers losing a closely contested battle.  The CCA continued its support to the pursuit of college degrees by supporting the 13th Veterans, Soldiers and their families with a record donation to deserving students.  The CCA provided students a total of $6250 in scholarship monies both to high school seniors attending a degree-granting institution in the fall and students already at a college or university continuing their goal of degree attainment.  The CCA continued its community presence by attending the Belton Senior Activities Center during their Veteran’s Day celebration.  A great annual event  with the Belton Mayor and council members, members of the Belton Chamber, members of the Belton ISD administration and board of education, the Belton High School Madrigal Chorus, and was capped off with a keynote address by the Commander, 61st QM Battalion, LTC Michael McBride.

Your CCA continued with its resolve to maintain Hildner Field and the 13th ESC Memorial.  The memorial and Hildner Field now reads Expeditionary Sustainment Command replacing the SC(E) nomenclature.  We have continued routine maintenance, added additional bricks to the walkway and have significant changes on tap for 2018.

Other activities supported include, but are not limited to, sponsoring Operation Phantom Support, a non-profit organization that is located in downtown Killeen and supports the entire military community and its families.  We continued our support of wreaths at the 13th ESC Memorial during key holidays like Veteran’s and Memorial Days.  We supported Ft. Hood’s Santa’s Workshop with both a donation from the CCA and the ESC’s contribution of much appreciated labor efforts.

Changes this year include executive board member positions.  The board held reelections this year during the annual birthday dinner.  All board members were reelected strike one.  LTC (Ret.) Robert Rodefer was elected to the Secretary position as LTC (Ret.) Robert S. Crouch declined to seek another term.

The CCA Hall of Fame (HoF) continues to grow.  The CCA elected CSM (Ret.) Terry Fountain into the 2017 HoF with the formal induction ceremony being conducted at the 2017 annual birthday dinner.  The HoF “leadership wall” was completed and resides in the hallway outside command group in the ESC headquarters.

What’s coming for 2018?  We plan to make a significant upgrade to the ESC Memorial by installing an outdoor storyboard adjacent to the memorial wall enabling patrons the ability to read the history of our memorial as well as view the story of the Soldiers whose names are engraved on the wall having paid the ultimate sacrifice to the unit and our country.  We plan on continuing support to Operation Phantom Support, Santa’s Workshop, CCA scholarships, support to the ESC Sustainer Week and Ball, and the ESC’s birthday week and its many events.

Again, it was a stellar year for the CCA and the board looks forward to great things in the upcoming year.  I do have one request.  As your President, the CCA plans to apply significant effort in updating our membership list and contact information.  I ask that all members please review the information provided during membership registration and make the appropriate updates.  Specifically, I ask for updates to email addresses (as many still have AKO provided as your best contact address).

Lastly, the board members and I are honored with the opportunity to serve the ESC and be the face in the community.  Your CCA will continue its support to other deserving agencies that benefit the ESC and Ft. Hood.  We hope everyone had a great 2017, celebrated the holidays with gusto, and look forward to 2018 and all of its wondrous opportunities.


Eric D. Marratta

President, 13th COSCOM Association