2018-2019 PROVIDER Scholarship Results

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 PROVIDER scholarship recipients! Each of these students received a $1,000 scholarship for their academic achievements, involvement in their schools / community, and potential for continued academic success.

Recipient                                                                                           School

SSG Nikki Johnson, 13th ESC Soldier.                                           Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Ms. Erin Fogg, 13th ESC family member.                                      Longwood University

Ms. Taylor McBride, 13th ESC family member.                              Auburn University

Mr. Dylan Hanschu, 13th ESC family member.                              Pennsylvania State University Erie

Ms. Sierra Murphy, 13th ESC family member.                               West Texas A&M University

Ms. Carson Gordon, 13th ESC family member.                              Sam Houston State University


Prior recipients:

2017: Ms. Erin Marratta, Ms. Kaylee Blumenfeld, Ms. Lucy Crouch, Mr. Kennedy Crouch, Mr. Jonathan Hood, Mr. Daniel Torres, Mr. Josh Rodefer, Ms. Ebony King, Ms. Megan Melvin, and Mr. Justin Luedecking – all 13th ESC family members.

2016: Ms. Courtney Luedecking, Ms. Kaylee Blumenfeld, and Mr. Jonathan Hood, 13th ESC family members.

2015: Ms. Courtney Luedecking, Mrs. Gloria Elder, Ms. Chyna Dang, Ms. Lucy Crouch, and Mr. Christian Henderson, 13th ESC Alumni Family members.

2014: Mrs. Coleen Crouch, 13th ESC Alumni Family Member.

2013: CW2 John Smith and SSG Anthony Sanders, 13th ESC Soldiers.

2012: Ms. Kiersten Melvin, 13th ESC family member.

2011: SPC Amy Lantrip, 13th ESC Soldier.

2010: Mrs. Josefa Jaravalero, 13th ESC spouse.